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JNTUH Syllabus Books

1. Advanced Communication Skills Lab Read
2. Advanced Computer Architecture Read
3. Advanced Computing Concepts Read
4. Advanced Data Structures Read
5. Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Read
6. Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Lab Read
7. Advanced Data Structures Lab Read
8. Advanced English Communication Skills Lab Read
9. Aerodynamics - I Read
10. Aerodynamics - II Read
11. Aerodynamics and Propulsion Lab Read
12. Aerospace Propulsion - I Read
13. Aerospace Structures Lab Read
14. Aerospace Vehicle Structures - I Read
15. Aerospace Vehicle Structures - II Read
16. Air Transportation Systems Read
17. Aircraft Engineering Drawing Lab with CAD Read
18. Aircraft Production Technology Read
19. Aircraft Production Technology Lab Read
20. Analog Communications Read
21. Analog Communications Lab Read
22. Analytical Chemistry Read
23. Analytical Chemistry Lab Read
24. Anatomy and Physiology Read
25. Antennas and Wave Propagation Read
26. Applied BioChemistry Read
27. Applied Physics Read
28. Automata and Compiler Design Read
29. Automobile Engineering Read
30. Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering Read
31. Basic Electrical Engineering Read
32. Basic Engineering Lab Read
33. Basic Simulation Lab Read
34. Biochemistry Read
35. Biochemistry Lab Read
36. Biofluid Mechanics Read
37. Biomedical Instrumentation Read
38. Building Material and Construction Planning Read
39. Cell Biology Read
40. Cell Biology and Microbiology Lab Read
41. Cellular and Mobile Communications Read
42. Chemical Process Calculations Read
43. Compiler Design Read
44. Compiler Design Lab Read
45. Computer Aided Drafting of Buildings Read
46. Computer Graphics Read
47. Computer Networks Read
48. Computer Networks and Case Tools Lab Read
49. Computer Networks and Operating Systems Lab Read
50. Computer Networks Lab (through Linux) Read
51. Computer Organization Read
52. Computer Organization and Operating Systems Read
53. Computer Programming Read
54. Computer Programming in C Read
55. Computer Programming in C Lab Read
56. Computer Programming Lab Read
57. Computer System Organization Read
58. Concrete Technology Read
59. Control Systems Read
60. Control Systems and Simulation Lab Read
61. Control Systems Engineering Read
62. Data Communication Systems Read
63. Data Structures Read
64. Data Structures Lab Read
65. Data WareHousing and Data Mining Read
66. Database Management Systems Read
67. Database Management Systems Lab Read
68. Design and Analysis of Algorithms Read
69. Development of Mineral Deposits Read
70. Digital Communications Read
71. Digital Communications Lab Read
72. Digital Design Using Verilog HDL Read
73. Digital IC Applications Read
74. Digital Image Processing Read
75. Digital Logic Design Read
76. Digital Logic Design and Computer Organization Read
77. Digital Signal Processing Read
78. Digital Signal Processing Lab Read
79. Disaster Management Read
80. Distributed Databases Read
81. Distributed Systems Read
82. Dynamics of Machinery Read
83. EHV AC Transmission Read
84. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Read
85. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab Read
86. Electrical and Electronics Lab Read
87. Electrical Circuits Read
88. Electrical Circuits and Simulation Lab Read
89. Electrical Distribution Systems Read
90. Electrical Engineering Read
91. Electrical Engineering Applications Lab Read
92. Electrical Engineering Lab Read
93. Electrical Machines - I Read
94. Electrical Machines - III Read
95. Electrical Machines Lab - II Read
96. Electrical Measurements Read
97. Electrical Measurements Lab Read
98. Electrical Systems Read
99. Electrical Technology Read
100. Electrical Technology Lab Read
101. Electromagnetic Fields Read
102. Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines Read
103. Electronic Circuit Analysis Read
104. Electronic Circuits and Pulse Circuits Lab Read
105. Electronic Circuits Lab Read
106. Electronic Devices and Circuits Read
107. Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab Read
108. Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation Read
109. Elements of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Read
110. Elements of Mechanical Engineering Read
111. EM Waves and Transmission Lines Read
112. Embedded Systems Read
113. Engineering Chemistry Read
114. Engineering Chemistry Lab Read
115. Engineering Drawing Read
116. Engineering Geology Read
117. Engineering Geology Lab Read
118. Engineering Graphics Read
119. Engineering Mechanics Read
120. Engineering Metrology Read
121. Engineering Physics Read
122. Engineering Physics - I Read
123. Engineering Physics - II Read
124. Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry Lab Read
125. Engineering Physics Lab Read
126. Engineering Workshop Read
127. Engineering Workshop / IT Workshop Read
128. English Read
129. English Language Communication Skills Lab Read
130. Environmental Studies Read
131. Flight Mechanics - I Read
132. Flight Mechanics - II Read
133. Fluid Mechanics Read
134. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Read
135. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab Read
136. Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab Read
137. Fluid Mechanics and Open Channel Hydraulics Read
138. Fluid Mechanics and Open Channel Hydraulics Lab Read
139. Formal Languages and Automata Theory Read
140. Fundamentals of Biology Read
141. Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Read
142. Fundamentals of Geology Read
143. General Geology Read
144. Geology Lab Read
145. Geology Lab and Surveying Lab Read
146. Geotechnical Engineering - I Read
147. H.V.D.C. Transmission Read
148. High Voltage Engineering Read
149. Human Computer Interaction Read
150. Human Values and Professional Ethics Read
151. Hydraulics and Hyraulic Machinery Read
152. IC Applications Read
153. IC Applications and ECAD Lab Read
154. IC Applications and HDL Simulation Lab Read
155. Image Processing Read
156. Information Retrieval Systems Read
157. Information Security Read
158. Intellectual Property Rights Read
159. Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Read
160. Introduction to Space Technology Read
161. IT Workshop / Engineering Workshop Read
162. Java Programming Read
163. Java Programming Lab Read
164. Linear and Digital IC Applications Read
165. Linear IC Applications Read
166. Linear Systems Analysis Read
167. Linux Programming Read
168. Machine Tools Read
169. Machine Tools and Metrology Lab Read
170. Management Science Read
171. Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis Read
172. Material Science for Chemical Engineering Read
173. Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science Read
174. Mathematical Methods Read
175. Mathematics - I Read
176. Mathematics - II Read
177. Mathematics - III Read
178. Mechanical Technology Read
179. Mechanics of Fluids Read
180. Mechanics of Solids Read
181. Mechanics of Solids and Mechanics of Fluids Lab Read
182. Mechanics of Solids and Metallurgy Lab Read
183. Medical Sciences Lab Read
184. Metallurgy and Material Science Read
185. Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Read
186. Metallurgy and Mechanics of Solids Lab Read
187. Microbiology Read
188. Microcontrollers and Applications Read
189. Microprocessors and Interfacing Read
190. Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab Read
191. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Read
192. Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab Read
193. Microwave and Optical Communications Lab Read
194. Microwave Engineering Read
195. Mobile Computing Read
196. Multimedia and Application Development Read
197. Multimedia and Application Development Lab Read
198. Network Management Systems Read
199. Network Programming Read
200. Network Programming Lab Read
201. Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Read
202. Non-Conventional Sources of Energy Read
203. Object Oriented Analysis and Design Read
204. Object Oriented Programming Read
205. Object Oriented Programming Lab Read
206. Object Oriented Programming through Java Read
207. Operating Systems Read
208. Operating Systems Lab Read
209. Optical Communications Read
210. Physical Metallurgy Read
211. Physical Metallurgy Lab Read
212. Power Electronics Read
213. Power Semiconductor Drives Read
214. Power System Analysis Read
215. Power System Operation and Control Read
216. Power Systems - II Read
217. Principles of Civil and Structural Engineering Read
218. Principles of Electrical Engineering Read
219. Principles of Programming Languages Read
220. Probability and Statistics Read
221. Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes Read
222. Professional Communication in English Read
223. Properties and Strength of Materials Read
224. Pulse and Digital Circuits Read
225. Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab Read
226. Radar Systems Read
227. Reinforced Concrete Structures Design and Drawing Read
228. Reliability Engineering and Applications to Power Systems Read
229. Satellite Communications Read
230. Signals and Systems Read
231. Software Engineering Read
232. Software Project Management Read
233. Software Testing Methodologies Read
234. Strength of Materials - I Read
235. Strength of Materials - II Read
236. Strength of Materials Lab Read
237. Structural Analysis - I Read
238. Surveying Read
239. Surveying Lab Read
240. Surveying Lab - I Read
241. Surveying Lab - II Read
242. Switching Theory and Logic Design Read
243. Television Engineering Read
244. Thermal Engineering - II Read
245. Thermal Engineering Lab Read
246. Thermal Science Read
247. Thermodynamics Read
248. Thermodynamics and Kinetics Read
249. Transduction of Physical Variables Read
250. Unix and Shell Programming Read
251. Unix and Shell Programming Lab Read
252. Virtual Reality Read
253. VLSI Design Read
254. Water Resources Engineering - I Read
255. Web Technologies Read
256. Web Technologies Lab Read
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