JNTUH B.Tech Concrete Technology R13 Syllabus

 June 20, 2015     VIKRAM     5744

III Year B.Tech. CE - I Sem      L   T/P/D   C
4   -/-/-   4


Cement: Protland cement- chemical compostion- Hydration of cement- Structure of hydrate cement- Test on physical prorerites- Different grades of cement.

Admixtures: Types of admixtures- mineral and chemical admixtures- properites- dosages- effects- usage.

Aggregates: Classification of aggregate- Particle shape & texture- Bond, Strength & other mechanical properites of aggregate- Specific gravity, Bulk density, Porosity, adsorption & moisture content of aggregate- Bluking of sand- Deleterious Substance of aggregate- Soundness of aggregate- Alkail Aggregate recation- Thermal properites- Sieve analysis- Fineness modulus- Grading curves- Grading of fine & coarse Aggregates- Gap graded aggregate- Maximum aggregate size.


Fresh Concrete: Workability- Factors affecting workability- Measurment of workability of tests- Setting times of concrete- Effect of time and temperature on workability- Segregation & bleeding- Mixing and vibration of concrete- Steps in minufacture of concrete- Quality of mixing water.


Hardened Concrete: Water/ Cement ratio- Abram's Law- Gelspaoe ratio- Nature of strength of concrete- Maturity concept- Strength in tension & compression- Factors affecting strength- Relation between compression & tensile strength- Curing.

Testing of Hardened Concrete: Compression tests- Tension tests- Factors affecting strength- Flexure tests- Splitting tests- Pull- out tests, Non- destructive testing methods- codal provisions for NDT.

ELASTICITY, CREEP & SHRINKAGE- Modulus of elasticity- Dynamic modulcus of elasticity- Posisson's ratio- Creep of concrete- Factors influencing creep- Relation between creep & time- Nature of creep- Effects of creep- Shrinkage - types of shrinkage.


Mix Desgin: Factors in the choice of mix proprotions- Durability of concrete- Quality Control of concrete- Statistical Quality control- Acceptance criteria- Proprotioning of concrete mix by normal pumpable concretes by- BIS method of mix desgin. 


Special Concretes: Light weight concrete- Light weight aggregate concrete- Cellular concrete- No-fines concrete- Fibre reinforced concrete- Polymer concrete- Types of Polymer concrete- Self compacting concrete.


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